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How do I use the ESET Online Scanner?


  • Scan your system using the ESET Online Scanner
  • "ESET stopped working” error
  • After opening ESET, the support form is visible but no other options are available
  • You have an empty ESET folder in the Start menu
  • What's new


What's new?

The latest version of ESET Online Scanner is the new generation of our well-known ESET Online Scanner. It is no longer dependent on Active X, which allows it to be completely browser independent.

Other new features of the new Online Scanner include:

  • scan "autostart locations" – locations of programs started automatically when Windows starts
  • scan boot sectors
  • scan registry and clean malware surviving in registry (poweliks trojan)
  • healing during restart of the operating system and subsequent re-scan of previously infected files


How do I run the Online Scanner?

Video tutorial

  1. Download ESET Online Scanner.
  2. Double-click the.exe file you downloaded to run the installer.
  3. In the Terms of use screen, click Accept if you agree to the Terms of use.

    You can select Download latest version of ESET Online Scanner to ensure that the latest version is installed even when using an older .exe file.

    The option to "Download latest version" only displays when a new version is available

    If you are running the latest version, the check box and text will not display.

Figure 1-1

  1. Select whether to enable the detection of potentially unwanted applications (PUA). You can modify the Advanced settings of the scanner to customize the scan (for example, to add or change scanned drives).

    Click Scan to update your virus signature database and to start scanning.

Figure 1-2

  1. Scan progress is shown via the progress bar along with the path and title of file being scanned. The number of threats found is shown immediately. You can click Stop to terminate scanning at any time.

Figure 1-3

Threats found

The Threats found screen will list the found threats and provide the option to clean them, unless you turned on the option of Clean threats automatically in the Advanced settings of the ESET Online Scanner.

Figure 1-4

  1. When the scan is finished, scan results are automatically displayed.

Figure 1-5

Advanced settings

Click Advanced Settings in the Computer scan settings screen to customize your scan. For example, you can select specific scan targets or enable/disable detection of PUAs.

Figure 1-6

Expanding the Advanced settings section will reflect the default settings if no changes have been made.

Place your cursor on the information icon next to any option to view a tool tip with information about how to use the feature.

Figure 1-7

Click Change next to Current scan targets to add or remove drives to scan.

Figure 1-8